Don’t you believe, the condiment packaging machine plays an important role in the market development

In recent years, the catering market continues to burst out new vitality, bringing good news for the condiment industry. Especially with the improvement of condiment quality requirements in the consumer market, condiment production enterprises are constantly reforming, innovating and upgrading the production process, and continue to promote the upsurge of condiment industry. According to the data released by China condiment Association, from 2013 to 2021, the sales volume of domestic condiment industry showed an increasing trend year by year. In 2021, the total output value of domestic condiment industry reached 346.1 billion yuan, and the sales scale was considerable. And with the maturity of food processing technology, there are more and more kinds of seasonings in China, not only common seasonings such as soy sauce, vinegar, oyster sauce and bean paste, but also new seasonings such as curry, mustard, black pepper sauce and salad dressing. But on the whole, the industry concentration of seasoning industry in China is still relatively low, and small and medium-sized enterprises account for the majority. In order to occupy more market share, companies in the industry need to upgrade the production process, expand the production scale, and promote the standardized production of products.

Especially during the Covid period, many consumers have chosen to cook by themselves, which has led to the expansion of terminal sales in condiment industry. The seasoning sales of an e-commerce increased by 129%, and the seasoning industry ushered in a development trend. For companies, it is a good time to upgrade packaging technology, improve production capacity and impact market competition. Relevant equipment manufacturers also need to speed up the research and development of automation and intelligent equipment as soon as possible, so that the relevant production technology can be implemented as soon as possible, and promote the development of condiment industry.

The scope of our chantecpack condiment packaging machine is as follows:

Powder products: pepper powder, cumin powder, curry powder, instant noodles seasoning powder, pepper, salt into doypack or bottle etc.

Paste products liquid: tomato sauce, soy sauce vinegar, curry, mustard, salad dressing, sweet sauce, soy sauce vinegar, oyster sauce, tomato sauce, cooking wine into doypack or bottle etc.

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The vertical VFFS pepper powder packing machine     The rotary doypack pouch bag morninga powder packing machine1The vertical mayonnaise tomato paste liquid filling machine1

The vertical VFFS pepper powder packing machine  The rotary doypack pouch bag morninga powder packing machine  The vertical mayonnaise tomato paste filling machine

The paste liquid bottle filling machineThe mustard sauce spout bag given filling machine

  The paste liquid bottle filling machine                                                                                 The mustard sauce spout bag given filling machine

Post time: Mar-22-2021
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