Daily recommendation of Rosa roxburghii deep processed products packing machine

In recent years, the extension of deep-processing industry with local characteristic agriculture has become an important link to promote the further development of local economy. Today, as the specialty Rosa roxburghii in Guizhou, China, has developed from wild fruits all over the mountains to large-scale planting bases and diversified deep-processing industries such as Rosa roxburghii juice, freeze-dried Rosa roxburghii, refined Rosa roxburghii puree, dried Rosa roxburghii and preserved Rosa roxburghii, small fruits have also brought a way to get rich.

Since this year, many milk tea and nutritional supplement brands have launched a number of new products around “Rosa roxburghii”

It can be predicted that with the more well-known Rosa roxburghii and the continuous extension of the deep-processing industrial chain of Rosa roxburghii industry in recent years, there are full opportunities for the upstream packaging industry, and a reasonable packaging assembly line will also boost the development of the industry. The automatic packaging equipment with the advantages of automatic packaging and quantitative packaging, the filling equipment that can fill and seal under sterile conditions, the construction of cold storage facilities to meet the production and processing needs of cold chain warehousing and logistics, the introduction of refrigerated vehicles, etc. will empower the improvement of the fruit and vegetable processing supply chain, improve the standardization and automation level of Rosa roxburghii packaging industry, and boost the high-quality development of the industry.

1. Automatic horizontal fruit juice beverage drink irregular shaped premade doypack pouch filling packaging machine


2. The preserved fruit jars weighing filling packing sealing labeling linepreserved fruit jars filling line and case packer

Post time: May-11-2022
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