Daily recommendation of premixed baking powder packaging machine

Premixed powder refers to the baking raw materials that pre mix some raw materials used for baking according to the formula and then sell them to manufacturers or families. At first, the ready mixed powder was mainly used in the baking industry. The ready mixed powder added various auxiliary materials such as fermentation powder, sugar, baking powder, flavor powder and wheat flour powder according to a certain proportion. It can make a fluffy and soft cake by mixing it with the main raw materials according to the proportion. The ready mixed powder can help the cake taste and fermentation, which is deeply loved by the baking industry.

With the change and innovation of ready mixed powder manufacturers and the development of new sales channels, this kind of ready mixed powder can become the auxiliary material of other foods only by slightly changing several ingredients. This praise makes ready mixed powder quickly enter the market and be imitated by other industries, such as all kinds of seasoned concentrated soup bags.

In order to comply with the development trend of the times, improve the output of ready mixed powder products, save costs for food production enterprises and improve the market competitiveness of baked pastry ready mixed powder products. Powder packaging machine manufacturers are also upgrading and innovating their packaging equipment.

1. Vertical VFFS Quad seal bag Block bottom pouch flour powder packing machine


2. Automatic fine powder maize flour rotary preformed gusset pouch bag packing filling machine


3. Semi auto powder 25kg bagging weighing packaging line ABB robot Palletizer

Post time: May-18-2022
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