Animal feed packaging machine helps pet feed standard documents to be issued and actively implemented

The pet economy has quietly risen. Data shows that the market size in 2020 has exceeded 100 billion, and is expected to reach 150 billion by 2022. In the future, China’s pet food market will usher in huge room for development. This is not only the rise of pet food industry but also the rise of the matching pet feed packaging machine industry.

For this reason, starting from 2020, with the introduction and implementation of multiple regulatory documents, China’s pet food production and sales are about to open a new era of standardized and standardized development, and domestic consumers who purchase cat food and dog food will be more assured! At the same time, feed packaging machinery is also facing greater challenges, taking on the task of upgrading feed packaging.

In order to give pet feed customers a more intuitive experience, we will introduce them from several aspects, such as the roll film form to bag packaging machine, rotary premade bag packing machine and the bottle filling machine.

The animal feed packing machine line

1. The vertical Poultry Aquatic Feed Filling And Packing Machine

2. The cat-chow chunks food Doypack Stand up Rotary Pouch Packing Machine

Especially suit for premade zipper doybag and gusset quad seal pouch, bag shape more beautiful and more convenient to store cause with sealing strip.

3. The dog food multi heads weighing filling canning bottle packaging line

Post time: Apr-06-2021
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